Conveyancing and Notarial

Conveyancing is the process in which immovable property is transferred from one person (the seller) into the name of another person (the buyer) as well as the registration and cancellation of bonds over immovable property.
Our team of highly experienced and qualified attorneys are in an ideal position to assist you in all matters relating to conveyancing.

A conveyancer prepares the necessary documents and title deeds for the registration of the immovable property in the deeds office. Thereafter the conveyancer lodges the necessary documentation at the deeds office. On the date of registration the conveyancer attends the registration of deeds on behalf of the seller. After examining the lodged documentation, the registrar of deeds places his signature on the new title deed and registration is effected.

In short, conveyancing is the process through which ownership over immovable property is transferred between people and is concluded through the registration of the title deed.

Hahn and Hahn is a well established firm of attorneys with a reputation for excellence in the field of conveyancing. Our clients are assured of hassle free and superior service in all matters relating to the transferring of the title to immovable property.

How do we assist you?

1. We view the contract
2. We contact the agents and other conveyancers on your behalf
3. We attend to the collection of all the required information
4. We obtain the clearance figures and certificates from the relevant legal entities
5. We attend SARS to obtain the necessary transfer duty receipt
6. We draft all the documentation required to enable transfer to take place
7. We attend to the lodgment of the necessary documentation at the Deeds Office
8. We follow up with regards to the progress at the Deeds Office
9. We attend the Registrar of Deeds to effect registration of the property into the name of the purchaser
10. We monitor the financials with regards to the transfer

Bond & Transfer Cost Calculator

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