Restraints of Trade & Unlawful Competition

Healthy competition in the business world leads to innovation, efficiency and a number of other benefits. Unfair competition, in all its forms, has the opposite effect. Given what is at stake, businesses that do not, cannot or are not competing well in the marketplace often take shortcuts in their attempts to remedy that competitive deficit as quickly as possible.

Attorneys at Hahn & Hahn provide focused, tenacious representation on behalf of businesses that have suffered significant harm due to the unfair competitive practices of others. We represent clients with a variety of associated claims, including theft or misappropriation of trade secrets, interference with customer relationships, misrepresentation in advertising, hiring away of talented employees in violation of existing employment agreements, and various other “restraint of trade” issues.

Our clients are represented by a highly skilled legal team, led by experienced litigators who understand how to apply the relevant statutory provisions and available theories of liability to achieve the best possible results in each case. No client has anything less than complete access to our resources. Working together, we believe there are no limits to what can be accomplished — a premise our results amply support.


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