Technology, Media and Tele-Communications

We define Technology Law to include:

  • drafting and interpretation of contracts relating to engineering and construction projects;
  • resolution of disputes in the fields of engineering and construction, product liability, and consumer law by mediation, arbitration, and/or litigation;
  • advice and commentary on legislation related to construction, engineering, food, medicines, consumer protection, and the environment;
  • standards; and
  • intellectual property.

For ease of reference we have divided our web-pages between Engineering Law which deals with issues arising on construction and engineering projects, and Consumer and Food Law which deals with legislative issues around food and consumer protection, product liability, and resolution of disputes in the supply chain. This website does not deal with intellectual property and we refer you to the website, which deals exclusively with all aspects of intellectual property.

Why are we engineers too?

In our view, Technology Law requires the dual skills of an attorney and a scientist or engineer since many of the matters which arise in this complex field can be dealt with significantly more efficiently by such dual skilled attorneys who can understand both the complex legal issues which are not well understood by engineers and scientists as well as the science and engineering issues not often understood by attorneys. Thus our attorneys include engineers practicing in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electronic Engineering, as well as scientists qualified in the fields of Chemistry and Biotechnology.

Our attorneys who are admitted to practice before the High Court include engineers who are accredited by the Engineering Council of South Africa and are members of various local and foreign professional bodies including custodian membership of the South African Association for Food Science and Technology, senior membership of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, membership of the South African Institute of Mechanical Engineers, and membership of the South African Institute of Chemical Engineers. Several of our attorneys are also qualified patent attorneys and we refer you to for further information in respect of patent and trademark law enquiries.

If you believe that your attorney should be a scientist or an engineer too and have a matter in which we can be of assistance then please send an e-mail to or contact our Mr Luterek by telephone on +27 12 342 0563 or by fax on +27 11 604 0037.


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